Possible Loves (Amores Possiveis) – Peliculas Mexicanas – Carolina Ferraz


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Possible Loves (Amores Possiveis) (07/22/2003)

A charming, intelligent comedy-drama that bristles with energy and invention, Possible Loves explores the volatility of romantic love with freshness and unexpected poignancy. Julia (Carolina Ferraz) is a beautiful young university student who stands up Carlos (Murilo Benecio) at a Rio movie theater. Fifteen years later, the would-be lovers bump into each other. What happened in the ensuing years? The ingenious story follows three different scenarios of Carlos’ life: one as a married man, one as a gay man, and one as a hopeless romantic. Remarkable acting and a strong directorial hand accent this totally original film that won the Latin American Cinema Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

Lenguaje: Portugues

Subtitulos: Ingles

Estudio: TLA Releasing